Something we love about receiving friends at home is to show them our magical paradise
and the best ways to experience it. All our tours on the lagoon are private sailing or rowing
tours in order to contribute to protecting our aquatic gem. You can rest assured that we
only recommend the best: all our guides are our friends and we trust them with our most
precious deed: giving our guests an unforgettable experience.

This is a must to get to know Bacalar. There’s no better way to experience Bacalar than from
inside the fascinating Bacalar Lagoon. Sail through the seven different colours and get to
know the incredible Emerald Cenote, Black Cenote, Cenote Cocalitos, and take delight in
swimming in the crystal waters of Pirate’s Channel and Bird Island. You will enjoy a
wonderful journey with fruit and drinks while you learn about this paradise with magnificent
trilingual captains.

IMPORTANT! Wednesdays in Bacalar are days free of navigation to allow the lagoon some
rest. Consider our following tours in Xul-Ha for this day!

Bacalar Lagoon is not just about its north area. In the South, in Xul-Ha, where the lagoon is
born, you will find a natural paradise also worthy of admiration. An awe-inspiring sanctuary
of stromatolites, manglars and pure serene nature will be shown to you by a biologist guide,
who will tell you every curious fact about the lagoon and its unique ecosystem. You will
enjoy fruit and water as well.

If you’re a sporty and adventurous person, then kayaking or paddling in the Xul-Ha area
would be the perfect choice for you. You will row through the Xul-Ha Cenote, Green Cenote,
the manglar zone and Arenales. This ecological tour will tell you all about the importance of
stromatolites as well and, most importantly, you will be guided by an experienced crew who
will teach you and guide you with great respect to nature. This tour is collective, and
includes fruit snacks and water to recharge your batteries!

If you are more of a self-taught person, then we suggest that you rent a kayak at Boa Boa
and enjoy exploring the lagoon by yourself. You can do so for half a day (6 hours) or the
whole day (12 hours), from the morning until 1 pm or from 1 pm until 7 pm. Bear in mind that from 7 pm onwards, it’s not allowed to sail or row in Bacalar Lagoon. Believe us…
catching a sunrise or sunset from Boa Boa is also an amazing experience!




Yoga is a spiritual practice that connects body, mind and soul, using physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation.


All our tours on the lagoon are private sailing or rowing tours in order to contribute to protecting our aquatic gem.


Inside Boa Laguna, there’s a little secret dock where all kinds of magic take place… Getting a
massage in this mystical spot is a gift you cannot miss.